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Industrial, Commercial and Residential Wiring 
Electrical Service and Supplies service the industrial and commercial community by providing knowledgeable and safety orientated electricians, to perform service, repair, modernizing, and installation of all types of machinery and electrical systems. Our lighting installations and upgrades are completed with state of the art lighting and installation practices. We can provide diagnostics and repair to all types of electrical machinery, equipment and systems.
When it comes to the interior wiring of your home or office, it's best to leave the work to the experts. There is no room for error in the installation, maintenance and problem solving of your electrical system.
We are the area's interior wiring specialists. Our licensed, professional master electricians have years of experience in all types of interior wiring work, including:
·         New construction
·         Older homes
·         New home construction
·         Outdated office buildings
·         Below grade (underground) electrical systems
·         Machine wiring and testing
·         Phone, cable, computer networks and DSL wiring and rerouting
Electrical Service and Supplies has the experience in many of the following areas:
·         Remodeling, Maintenance, or Building Repair
·         Metal Raceways
·         Cable Trays
·         Cable Tray Systems
·         Cable Armor
·         Cable Sheath
·         Enclosures
·         Frames
·         Fittings
·         Electrical Metallic & Nonmetallic Conduit/Tubing
·         Fire Alarm Cables
·         Instrumentation Tray Cable
·         Intermediate Metal Conduit
·         Liquid-tight Flexible Metal & Nonmetallic Conduit
·         Metal-clad Cable
·         Mineral-insulated
·         Metal-sheathed Cable
·         Multiconductor Service-entrance Cable
·         Multiconductor Underground Feeder Cable
·         Multipurpose and Communications Cables
·         Nonmetallic-sheathed Cable
·         Power and Control Tray Cable
·         Optical Fiber Cables
·         More….
Over the years we have served and maintained valued clients from all types of commercial and industrial environments. To list but a few type's of businesses we provide our services to: packaging plants, paper and metal converters, steel fabricators, commercial dry cleaners and strip malls, schools, retail stores as well as high rise building facility upgrades and repair services. Building owners and business owners have been using and trusting our services for years. We provide a cost effective way to maintain your electrical equipment and systems.

Electrical Service and Supplies, Inc.
101 Howard Lane
Oconto, WI 54153
Phone: 920-834-5442
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